Monday, August 3, 2015

Hey there! :) I responded to you lil bit ago but you never answered back...

Hey there! :) I responded to you lil bit ago but you  never answered back, might be because I didn't remember to show my pics  last time.
I’m absolutely a real young lady looking for fun only. My fantasy is  taking a warm shower with you, I can be good or bad depending on how my mood strikes me, or maybe depending on if you treat me like a little slut LOL.
I can't send you my phone number via email as that is unsafe  (who knows, you might be underage or a felon) so can you confirm you aren't neither of those by creating a profile (no cost)? Don't worry,
I'm not a webcam gal or a bot. After you log in, I am going to send you  a private msg  and then I’ll give you access to my photos too, I'm online presently let's talk! TTYL!


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