Sunday, February 12, 2017

Tips to Make Your Profile Irresistible

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Success Scoop
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Match and world-renowned biological anthropologist and our Chief Scientific Advisor, Dr. Helen Fisher, have joined forces to give you the know-how you need to find the success you deserve.
  Details, details, details

We all like walks on the beach and fireside chats. Skip the clichés in your profile. Write about what you think and read, what makes you laugh or dance or sing. Let people know what makes you tick.

  Get them laughing

I'm sure you know an amusing line or
quote -- use it in your headline or profile.
Laughing drives up the dopamine system in the brain and can push someone into falling into like, or even love. Wit wins.

  Use a photo with a smile

When people look at a smiling face, they naturally pull their own face into a smiling pose, triggering brain circuits for pleasure. Make them feel good about themselves - and you - with a grin.

  Show your energy

People flock to energetic, optimistic, enthusiastic people. Use words in your profile and poses in your photos to show some of your originality and pizzazz.

Learn from the successes of Match couples
Sarah & John
Proactively partake
"You will only get out what you put
into Match. You cannot just sign up
and wait for people to come to you.
Look at profiles, wink at people and
start conversations."
Suzanne & Alexander
Widen your search
"Quantity leads to quality! Search
the field and meet all kinds of new
people. Then you can narrow it
down based on what you like."
Put these tips to good use.

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